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Revolutionary War

Revolutionary War: Reader's Theatre Round Table

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Lesson I: Shopping for a Topic

Choose an event by browsing this timeline:

Social Studies for Kids

For each person in your group, find a historical figure involved in this event to research

Lesson III: Planning Reader's Theatre Script

Click here to view the planning guide with background information about Barnes' Tavern in Marion, Connecticut

Lesson II: Finding Information

  • Note-taking Organizer

Web Sites to Search:

Web Sites about Individual People:

John Adams

Benedict Arnold video

Crispus Attucks

Lydia Darragh

William Dawes

Ben Franklin

Nathan Hale

Patrick Henry

Thomas Jefferson

Marquis de Lafayette

Sybil Ludington,12044,ML_ludington_bkp,00.html

Francis Marion

Thomas Paine

Molly Pitcher

Paul Revere

Comte de Rochambeau

Deborah Sampsom

George Washington