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Atlas & Maps

Atlases and Maps

Create Your Own Map

Grade 3: Nutmeggers


Grade 4: Iditarod and the Alaskan landscape

  • Iditarod: Check standings of your musher and get a list of check points

Lesson 3: Editing My Map

  • Drawing lines to mark route
  • Adding descriptions

Lesson 2: Getting Started with My Maps

  • Logging in to Google Maps
  • Naming and saving your file
  • Creating placemarks

Lesson 1: Getting started with Google Maps

  • Search for your house
  • Use navigational features: zoom, scroll, navigation wheel, street view and road arrows
  • Challenge: When do you think the image was taken?
  • Challenge: Create driving directions to another location

Grade 5: Colonial Ameria Past and Present

Lesson 4-6: Create a map of a colony

Lessons 2 & 3: Explore Google Maps and learn about the first settlements

Lesson 1: Make Your Own Map of the 13 Colonies

Google Earth